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of congress be ineligible for re-election if they don't beat search benchmarks, like the deficit being beneath a certain percentage of the gdp. it's a lot. >> or certain congressman who get a lot of air time like paul ryan and that's a taste of what we'll see pretty soon. ronan, thanks for stopping by today. today's producer pick comes to us from associate producer kristen bukaria. a georgia court has ordered a man to pay up for breaking his promise to marry. he owes his one-time fiance 50,000 large even though the man claims he never officially popped the question. you can read more by heading to thomas roberts facebook page. you've got to put a ring on it, nice tune. we'll be right back. ♪ if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specifi
are the ones that are going to be the most helpful in election because the anger movement and the discontentment with how this thing is going is really what gets people protesting and gets people out to the polls an gets people upset with the way things are going. >> gentlemen, thanks so much, jim eem williams, hogan gidley, great to see you. that leads us to our big question for all of you today. will the white house pr push to sell obama care defeat any gop efforts to try to sabotage the aca law? weigh in on facebook and twitter. >>> just a reminder for everybody, chris matthews will exclusively interview president obama this week as part of his "hardball" college tour coming from american university. that interview will air this thursday at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. you do not want to miss it. >>> immigration activists keep up their washington fast, but will their efforts translate into real reform on capitol hill? we'll take a look at that. >>> also ahead, have you heard detroit bracing for a bankruptcy ruling today. right now the judge is reading his deci
of republican governors up for re-election in states that voted for obama. many of them opted out of one of the most successful parts of the law and that gets us to medicaid expansion. in this morning's "washington post" democrats are using medicaid expansion to paint governors as hostage to a national tea party agenda. in your opinion is the health care law going to be the determining issue when it comes to control of congress and those governorships in the coming elections? >> well, it certain low will ly very, very important. if i were a republican governor and i'm in a state where the federal government is paying 100% of the cost for expanding medicaid, i have tens and tens of thousands of people in my state who could get health insurance in many cases for the first time in their lives and i am denying them that opportunity? man, i would be very, very worried. but i think that's one issue. the other issue, obviously, is the economy. high unemployment, growing disparity in wealth and income in this country. >> vermont senator bernie sanders, great to have you on this morning. thanks f
as they head into the midterm elections to be broader than just obama care, democrats realize that if this is about obama care in the mid-term elections it's not a good issue for them and even though we see positive things going on, they want things to be about more than that. for some, this is a signal about getting his mojo back. >> the president's economic policies improve government reliance rather than economic mobility and rather than tackling income inequality by lifting people up, he's been fixated on taxing some down. >> why do you think republicans seem so fixated on the government reliance narrative and this tax and spend. this tax and spend phrase that they of the to use over and over again? >> that's the only message that they've been able to promote, and i think a lot of the republican message has been similar to mitt romney's 47% comments and it's a problem for republicans because they spend the majority of the time since the 2012 elections trying to cut food stamps and we also know they oppose a minimum wage hike with respect to sequestration and they expressed
to the peaceful transition that it was when he came out and then the success it was to see him elected as south africa's first black president. >> i know you have so many personal stories but one is at that time right before he was elected or after he was and you said you couldn't go to the inauguration? >> right. this was my second time in his presence. and i couldn't get to -- third time actually. i saw him when he was here in america. but my son was graduating from emory university. and i said to almost-president mandela i was so sorry i couldn't be at the inauguration. i mean, i had worked toward this all my career. but i'd worked toward my son's graduation, you know. and he was like -- he became the father as opposed to the almost president and leaned into him and his whole demeanor changed and he said, well, of course you have to be there. you can interview me any time. i said can i take you up on that. >> and you certainly did. explain for everybody who zelda was in his life. >> she was an african woman. he reached into the african community and had zelda as one of his principle gate kee
forward as the first black representative in that democratically elected government. in that way, they do have a great deal in common. you do see a very nervous and frightened group of white south africans wondering exactly what his presidency meant for them. and in some ways, you saw the same thing when mr. obama was on the verge of being elected. one other thing they have in common, we talk about mr. mandela serving 27 years in prison but we don't necessarily talk about why and what were the core issues there. they were dedicated to the premise of one person, one vote. so without that 1965 voting rights act, which is a direct product of the civil rights movement, mr. obama's presidency does not exist. they're bound together by that same issue and the activism that was required in order to make -- >> that's a good point. >> in addition to the comparisons between the two of them, which is important, i think the other remarkable thing is the thread of liberty that connects them across space and time. the abolitionist improvement inspired thorough who inspired gandhi who inspired mandela. i
election. but i think he's right. true, people could have a political problem, say the president didn't tell the truth because he didn't say there are a million people out there with bum policies and once they find out what they got they'll change it. and so at the polls with the television 2345knocking the president, you know, if the president got up and walked on water, the tea party would say he can't swim. so it is a political problem. but you're right, if some young person finds out in 2017 he's got full coverage, the nation is better off. >> as we know, the supreme court is now going to be taking up the aca over the birth control issue, because on sunday, and this all comes out of one group that's gotten a lot of attention is the hobby lobby organization, a business that has religious objections to providing that kind of coverage. but we had cardinal dolan over the weekend on "meet the press" with david gregory talking about the catholic church's change in position. and not just where it stands on certain matters that are covered under the aca, but under obama care as a whole. t
the election. he didn't just leave, circumstances change. the freedom of that change with global opinion. >> i was in college when he was freed, rick, and you have this sense, especially looking back historically, that he's released and all is well. and that was the opposite of actually what was the case. when chris hani was an anc leader, was murdered, that was a seminole moment. you talked about when then mandela goes to f.w. de klerk and says, you have to stop this or virtually everything will go off the rails. >> and he went on television in south africa that night rather than de klerk ask showed that he was the father of the nation. as you know, i was with him when his father was murdered. we were in kuno, had just taken an early morning walk, the phone rang and he picked it up and got the news. he was on the phone for about 15 minutes, his expression never changed. he put down the phone and turned to me with a little exasperation and said, man, where is our porridge? he was so calm in a crisis and then he rose to that. he said that was when south africa was on the knife edge of a civil w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8